Hello, I'm Jessica

I am a MSc student at ETH Zurich in mechanical engineering with a focus in robotics. I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BASc in mechanical and biomedical engineering in 2020. Sometimes I go by my legal name, Yi Fei (亦非).

I am currently interning at EPFL's Visual Intelligence and Learning Laboratory with Amir Zamir for embodied perception and learning, previously at Lund University's CERTEC Design Group for rehabilitation engineering, Blackberry QNX's Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center for 3D vision research & development, and Coursera and Amazon for backend software development. I was supervised by Mike Van der Loos for my Bachelor's thesis on mobile robotics at UBC's CARIS lab. I also co-founded Attentiv Medical, a sensor-embedded IV catheter that won the 2020 Canadian National James Dyson Award. In 2022, I'll be joining Giovanni Traverso's group at MIT to do my Master's thesis in the area of biosensing and medical diagnostics.

My academic and career interests lie in the interdisciplinary design and research of interactions between people, the natural world, and intelligent systems. I look for impactful opportunities to leverage technology translation between research and the outer world. Additionally, I try to integrate my passion for art, design, and usability into my engineering work. I received the 2019 Irving K Barber Women in Technology Scholarship, and I am always interested in intersectional approaches in improving representation and ethics in tech.