Hello, I'm Jessica

...sometimes I go by my Chinese name, Yi Fei (亦非)!

I am a MSc student at ETH Zurich in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Robotics. At the moment, I am writing my MSc thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Giovanni Traverso and Henwei Huang to 1) develop robust deep learning models for clinical time-series data, and 2) investigate the ethics and acceptability of a novel implantable medical device.

My previous research and industry experiences include working at EPFL with Amir Zamir for embodied perception, Lund University for rehabilitation engineering, Blackberry QNX for 3D vision, and Coursera and Amazon for software development. Prior to graduate studies, I have a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, where I worked with Mike Van der Loos on human-robot interactions. I also co-founded Attentiv Medical, a sensor-embedded IV catheter that won a National James Dyson Award.

My research interest centers around the human-centered design of intelligent systems, integrating my passion for art, design, and usability with engineering. Most of my work, whether computational or mechanical, have applications in healthcare, robotics, and mixed reality. I look for impactful opportunities to promote research translation to the real-world and intersectional representation and ethics in tech.